Top 10 Torrent Websites To Download Movies 2022

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Even though streaming seems to be all the rage these days, Torrent is a popular choice for people who prefer to download their favorite movies, music, or TV shows. They basically act as a replacement for DVD, Blu-Ray and CD. Torrent is a useful technology that most Internet users are aware of. It’s a unique method of file sharing that has sadly gotten a bad rap in the media.

Top Torrent Websites to Download Movies

Several torrent sites have risen and fallen over time, with several being forced to shut down. There are, however, those who have managed to survive and maintain their popularity. We’ll take a look at the top 10 torrent sites that are still functioning in 2022 in this post.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, which is a popular torrent site with a variety of features, is ranked first. This torrent service offers verified torrents in a wide range of genres, including movies, TV shows, games, software, and more. The user interface of the Pirate Bay is simple, with only a search bar on the homepage. A list of the most popular torrents may be found in the Top 100 section, which is updated on a regular basis.

It’s also worth noting that The Pirate Bay is illegal in a number of countries. As a result, the top Pirate Bay proxy sites should be considered.

2. YTS (Yify Torrent)


YTS is the second best torrent site, and it is quite popular among movie aficionados. With YTS, you can instantly download a wide range of well-known and original films in 720p, 1080p, and 3D resolution.

YTS, like Torrent, has a well-designed user interface that simplifies the process of locating and browsing movies. YTS also provides full information for each film, including last names, trailers, and synopses. Unlike other Torrent alternatives, YTS allows you to simply search for movie torrents.

3. 1337X


The third and most reliable best torrent website to download movies on the list is 1337X. There are a lot of torrent files and magnet links on this well-designed torrent site. On 1337x, users may share the best torrent files for free download.

1337X’s content is divided into numerous categories, including music, software, movies, and much more. If the website does not function for you, you can browse for the finest 1337x alternatives.

4. KickAssTorrents


Kickass Torrents is the fourth most secure torrent site for free movie downloads (Katcr). A group of former KickassTorrent employees developed this new website. Kickass Torrents has a user interface that is simple and easy to use.

Kickass Torrents, like Torrent, arranges its content into categories including movies, TV shows, music, games, apps, and more. Finally,’s filtering tools, such as categories, sub-categories, and intervals, make it simple to find content.

5. Zooqle


Zooqle is now ranked 5th. Zooqle is an excellent Torrent alternative for movie fans. Zooqle stands out from the crowd thanks to its well-designed user interface. Unlike the other websites on the list, Zooqle focuses solely on movies and television shows.

On Zooqle, every movie or TV show has full information about the actors, directors, and release dates. Zooqle offers a simple one-click download option as well as the option to customise video quality.

Finally, Zooqle’s site emphasises the most recently uploaded movies and TV shows.



RARBG is the greatest torrent website for downloading movies at number six. RARBG contains a large collection of torrent files and magnet links, similar to Torrent. The content on RARBG is divided into categories like as movies, games, and e-books, among others.

The RARBG website has a simple and easy-to-use interface that only displays verified torrents. Finally, RARBG has a section devoted to news about torrents. If this torrent site isn’t functioning for you, here are some RARBG alternatives.

7. Torlock


Torlock, which is one of several torrent services that only enables users to download verified torrents, is ranked number seven. As a result, no fake torrent content will be available on Torlock. This prominent Torrent website provides some of the most popular torrents on its website.

Torlock’s content, like that of other BitTorrent competitors, is organised into categories such as movies, TV shows, games, e-books, and more.

8. LimeTorrents


The 8th Torrent option is very new, but it has gained a lot of traction due to its beneficial characteristics. LimeTorrents provides verified one-click torrent downloads.

Like other Torrent competitors, LimeTorrents arranges content into categories like movies, games, music, anime, TV shows, and software.


EZTV is ranked 9th as the best torrent website for downloading movies. Although the user interface of EZTV appears to be outdated, it remains a feature-rich torrent service.

EZTV offers a diverse selection of unusual films, music, and television series. In addition, the homepage of the website displays the most recent torrent news. EZTV is a great torrent site for media aficionados in general.

10. SeedPeer


Last but not least, SeedPeer is the best torrent website for movie downloads. SeedPeer, like Torrent, has a well-designed user interface that makes it simple to find relevant torrents. SeedPeer displays the age, size, seeds, peers, and health of each torrent file.

SeedPeer’s site also shows the most recent torrents over the previous 48 hours. SeedPeer’s content is organised into numerous categories as well. It’s worth noting that SeedPeer is merely a renamed version of Meganova, a popular torrent service that’s been around for a decade.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Torrent Websites

Torrent sites can be risky since many of them are unregulated, making it possible for them to have bogus links containing viruses, tracking software, or malware.

As a result, selecting a reputable torrent site is critical in reducing the hazards. However, if you want to be really safe, I recommend using a reliable VPN (my personal favourite is ExpressVPN) while viewing any torrent site. It will protect your data and keep you safe from fraudulent sites.

When choosing a torrent website, make sure it has at least some (if not all) of the following features:

  • Security features: Choose a site that has been operational for at least 5 years, has few adverts, and checks its torrent files for security reasons. However, keep in mind that no torrent site is completely secure, as your data and activities may be accessible to third parties. I recommend utilising a VPN when torrenting to increase your security.
  • Well-established: The torrent site’s founding year shows its trustworthiness. It’s a positive sign if the site has been up for at least 5-10 years and has never been taken down.
  • Variety: Make sure your site’s library contains a diverse range of material kinds. Consider specialised sites if you’re looking for a specific form of content, such as movies.
  • High seeder/leecher ratio: A high seeder/leecher ratio shows that there is a lot of sharing going on, which means faster downloads.
  • High popularity: Look for a website with a large number of active users. Look for a site with a lot of comments in particular. Comments left by previous users on torrent files are extremely valuable since they can help you determine whether or not a download is genuine.
  • As little advertising as possible: Many torrent sites are plagued by intrusive pop-up ads. Ad-heavy websites should be avoided, or a VPN with an ad filter should be used instead.
  • High Alexa ranking: The Alexa ranking indicates how popular a website is among internet users all over the world. A high ranking suggests that the community is active.
  • Torrent site accessibility in your location: Some regions prohibit torrent sites more than others, so check to see whether you can access the site in your area.


So there you have it, some of the best Torrent alternatives to consider. I hope you like this list of the best sites that are similar to Torrents.

Note: All information provided in this article is collected from internet sources. BollyBird has no personal complaints. If you find an error in this article, please let us know by contacting us.

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